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The team that now develops BlueFabric™ has been with us throughout our growth. It kept up with changes, it has scaled with us, quietly in the background, and it produced value without us having to change something. They truly work like a Swiss watch.

Peter Roberts
CIO Gulf Bank

These guys work together like a charm. The only time I saw in practice Henry Ford’s saying coming alive: If everyone is moving forward together, the success takes care of itself.
Now I know for a fact it is true.

George Cristodorescu
VicePresident EON

Aligning with AGYS has helped augment and leverage our efforts significantly as we push to implement a sophisticated process automation roadmap.

Caimin Jones
Operating Executive for Value Creation

Agys proved their strong track records in delivering complex implementations during this challenging project and we are happy to have them as our partners in the Human Capital Management space. Seeing the amazing value of their solutions, makes us believe that this is definitely AGYS’s Year at KAC.

Abdulmunim Sami Abdulsalam

Implementing Agys’ solution for managing our credit card and loan origination operations, helped our bank increase its market competitiveness and offer premium services to customers, in a completely secured and transparent environment, while increasing functional utility and standardizing the look and feel of all applications.

Abdul Kadir Gaya
Senior Vice President of IT Programs

Agys ‘ banking solutions bring insight to the current front-end and back-end processes that the banks have, so that they can reduce processing time and they can use cognitive dashboards, to really target the right clients.

Robert LeBlanc

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Beacon Award Enterprise Cloud Solutions


Beacon Award Enterprise Cloud Solutions


Reaching for the Stars


Beacon Award - Outstanding Competitive Solution


IBM Smarter Process Award


Beacon Award - Best Industry Solution 2013

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Our DreamTeam carefully crafted the platform that allows you to model and run a pre-defined process
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15 Years

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11 Years

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87 Employees

certified on IBM technologies

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