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Global Webinar on September 20, 2017: Turning BlueWorks Live Models into business processes applications without code

13 Sep 2017 / BlueFabric News and Events

Join us on Wednesday, September 20, 2017,  starting 10:00 AM EDT as Jon Wiener – Partner and VP of Sales and Marketing at AGYS- presents how you can turn BlueWorks Live Models into executable business processes applications, without code, with BlueFabric. Click here to register. Webinar is Free and in English. WHY SHOULD YOU COME?  You are […]

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Join forces between business and IT: Prioritize investment in product lifecycle management to keep your competitiveness

12 Sep 2017 / Digital Transformation

Speed and accuracy are at the very center of business success in the fast changing environment of today, as they allow companies to create quality and reliable products and services, and bring them on market fast in order to keep a competitive edge. But aligning IT with business strategy could be a major challenge for […]

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Top 3 Benefits Low Code Brings to Your Business

08 Sep 2017 / Technology Insights

Today’s businesses have become more and more digitized to the point it is near impossible to run one without a digital footprint. Be it a website, accounting software or email servers, most companies need software or online solutions to operate smoothly. And while this has led to a faster, more efficient way of communicating, managing […]

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2017: The rise of the citizen developer. But who is he and how can you become one?

06 Sep 2017 / Business Trends

As early as 2009, Gartner predicted the rise of the so-called citizen developers. It estimated that by 2014, they would account for the development of at least 25% of all business applications. This generous prediction did come with a warning: if IT organizations failed to seize the opportunities presented by citizen development, they might soon […]

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How to survive in a digitally transformed world: low-code helps you to bring your products on market quicker

04 Sep 2017 / Digital Transformation

What’s happening in today’s world is sometimes called “the fourth industrial revolution” and as any revolution it is set to fundamentally change every aspect of our life by fusing together the physical and the digital worlds. It is an irreversible trend that impacts all economies and industries, leaving businesses with no more than two options: […]

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