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Client success story- Risk Management

Customer Success Story – BlueFabric solution for a Human Capital and Risk Management Consulting Company.

27 Aug 2018 / BlueFabric News and Events

Our client is a company that provides solutions for corporate governance, enterprise risk management and regulatory compliance. Their risk management services combine trusted information from various types of risk management software and human expertise that help manage risk efficiently, prevents work accidents and mitigate financial losses. Business Challenges In a time when risks are interdependent […]

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App of the Month August: BlueFabric Hotel

06 Aug 2018 / Application development

Welcome to the first of our new blog series, App of the Month! Each month we will feature a new and innovative application or component made available to you on BlueFabric AppStore thanks to our Marketplace contributors from all over the world. This month featured App walks hand in hand with the holiday mood instilled by […]

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5 Obstacles Standing in the Way of Digital Transformation

02 May 2018 / Business Trends

In 2000, then General Electric CEO Jack Welch said: “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” His words have become an ominous warning for all companies withstanding modernization and, in recent years, they have come to be frequently associated with digital transformation. […]

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5 Benefits of Business Process Automation

25 Apr 2018 / Business Trends

As businesses start to rely on new technologies to automate ever more complex and specialized tasks, general organization and communication are still often left in human hands. Endless email chains with twenty different versions of a deliverable going back and forth between a pool of employees that may or may not need to know about […]

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artifficial Intelligence

AI is the next big thing, but it has to become smarter first. How blockchain can help

19 Apr 2018 / Business Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is energetically pushing forward into the business: no matter the size or type, firms are starting to understand that AI could help them to better forecast demand and improve the supply activity, hire more qualified workers and improve productivity or deal better with the clients and improve customer satisfaction. Subsequently, lots of […]

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