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What is a smart contract and why it means the Future

/ Business Trends

„Smart” is probably one of the most used words nowadays: smart phones, smart watches, smart TVs, and even smart homes. But what is a smart contract and how are they set to shape our future? To start with a formal definition, smart contracts are self-executing agreements between two parties (usually a buyer and a seller), […]

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How to simplify Mobile App Development with Low Code Platforms

09 Jan 2018 / Application development

The mobile app is a word that have insinuated into every aspect of our lives, from organizational to health apps to games and entertainment apps. Through the proliferation of smartphones, they have become indispensable in the efficient running of our 21st century lives. It is no surprise therefore that they should encroach upon the business […]

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How to build the right team to develop low-code based applications

05 Jan 2018 / Business Trends

Human resource is invariably regarded as the most valuable and most crucial productive resource for a business organization, but in the same time it is the scarcest resource, too. And the “drought” is nowhere more obvious than within the IT teams, as companies – no matter the industry they operate in – are increasingly pressured […]

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How to overcome the enemies of business agility and accelerate growth

03 Jan 2018 / Digital Transformation

We can hardly imagine a CEO or senior executive not being preoccupied to maintain and increase speed, adaptability and competitive stance in today’s challenging business environment. We call this business agility, and although it is on business leaders’ minds permanently, many companies are still struggling to stay agile in an ever-changing business landscape. But what […]

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What types of apps can you build with low code platforms?

/ Application development

The second question on everyone’s lips when it comes to low code platforms – immediately after “what are they?” – is “what types of apps can you build with them?” Like all technologies after all, low code platforms must have best use cases and limitations. It’s only natural for people to want to know what […]

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