App of the Month August: BlueFabric Hotel

06 Aug 2018 / Application development

Welcome to the first of our new blog series, App of the Month! Each month we will feature a new and innovative application or component made available to you on BlueFabric AppStore thanks to our Marketplace contributors from all over the world. This month featured App walks hand in hand with the holiday mood instilled by […]

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Top 5 Low Code Developer Profiles

03 Apr 2018 / Application development

In a world where digitalization is being pushed onto every company’s agenda and most business processes are automated, organizations are facing a serious skills gap within their own ranks and in the job market at large. In this world, the rise of the low code developer represent a breath of fresh air. Research from the […]

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digital transformation . business success with low code

How to simplify Mobile App Development with Low Code Platforms

09 Jan 2018 / Application development

The mobile app is a word that have insinuated into every aspect of our lives, from organizational to health apps to games and entertainment apps. Through the proliferation of smartphones, they have become indispensable in the efficient running of our 21st century lives. It is no surprise therefore that they should encroach upon the business […]

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Low code app development

What types of apps can you build with low code platforms?

26 Dec 2017 / Application development

The second question on everyone’s lips when it comes to low code platforms – immediately after “what are they?” – is “what types of apps can you build with them?” Like all technologies after all, low code platforms must have best use cases and limitations. It’s only natural for people to want to know what […]

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Why should I contribute to BlueFabric Community?

26 Jul 2017 / Application development

BlueFabric Community empowers Business Analysts and Developers to develop their ideas and use them to increase their revenues, their brand awareness and self-esteem. BlueFabric offers powerful APIs, UIs and other cool stuff that allows both Developers and Business Analysts to implement their own unique add-ons, processes, UIs, Data Models etc. to sell them on the […]

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