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Low code is right for you business

Is Low Coding Right for Your Business?

06 Jun 2017 / Digital Transformation

Low code platforms have emerged in answer to the ever growing demand for faster application development and a dwindling developer talent pool. They use visual interfaces and declarative tools with predefined functions to allow developers to reduce the amount of hand-coding required to build applications while at the same time giving them the possibility to […]

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Why should I contribute to BlueFabric Community?

26 Jul 2017 / Application development

BlueFabric Community empowers Business Analysts and Developers to develop their ideas and use them to increase their revenues, their brand awareness and self-esteem. BlueFabric offers powerful APIs, UIs and other cool stuff that allows both Developers and Business Analysts to implement their own unique add-ons, processes, UIs, Data Models etc. to sell them on the […]

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BlueFabric – designed for Citizen Developer to Fast Prototyping

22 Jun 2017 / Application development

Most business solutions are based on technical requirements formulated by business users and translated into code by developers. Unfortunately, it often happens that the code meets the requirements only partly. Yet a successful relationship between business and IT is a key factor in increasing company efficiency and improving competitiveness. An IT solution must satisfy real […]

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