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3 Ways in Which Low Code Drives Innovation

17 Apr 2018 / Business Trends

As the pressures of digitalization grow, companies across all sectors are hitting a wall when it comes to traditional development methods. Although capable of producing solid results, they are failing to maintain the pace of change and automation organizations need to stay ahead of the curve. So, how does low code drives innovation? As a […]

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How to decide the way you can embrace digital transformation

How to decide the way you can embrace digital transformation

12 Apr 2018 / Business Trends

Take a look at this chart made by Jason Bloomberg if you plan to up your digital transformation game. It’s a very comprehensive chart about the pluses and minuses of different nowadays approaches. Note that if you want to use a moderate to low amount of coding (low code), the results are the most balanced. […]

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Why 2018 will be the Year of Low Code

10 Apr 2018 / Business Trends

Low Code growth has been exponentially in the last few years, going from a burgeoning technology at the beginning of the 2010s to its market value breaking the 4-billion-dollar mark in 2017.  Estimates for the coming years are even more optimistic, with Forrester forecasting its worth will jump to 15 billion dollars by 2020 and […]

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human in a tech world

The next World Wide Web: How Blockchain will disrupt the big tech’s monopoly?

06 Apr 2018 / Business Trends

The Internet, despite its vastness, continuously evolved towards centralization ever since its creation 30 years ago. This is how we ended with just a handful of tech giants controlling much of the data running through the global network: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon form a true oligopoly collecting unprecedented amounts of data  and turning it into […]

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Top 5 Low Code Developer Profiles

03 Apr 2018 / Application development

In a world where digitalization is being pushed onto every company’s agenda and most business processes are automated, organizations are facing a serious skills gap within their own ranks and in the job market at large. In this world, the rise of the low code developer represent a breath of fresh air. Research from the […]

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