13 Sep 2017 / BlueFabric News and Events

Global Webinar on September 20, 2017: Turning BlueWorks Live Models into business processes applications without code

Join us on Wednesday, September 20, 2017,  starting 10:00 AM EDT as Jon Wiener – Partner and VP of Sales and Marketing at AGYS- presents how you can turn BlueWorks Live Models into executable business processes applications, without code, with BlueFabric.

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Webinar is Free and in English.

Webinar - Rapidly extent the value of BlueWorks Live with BLueFabric


  • You are interested in extending the value of process modeling into process automation
  • You want to accelerate operational improvements and organizational competitiveness through rapid automation
  • You are interested in Low Code alternatives to traditional process application development
  • You are looking to automate high value or volume business processes at a lower cost than previously available
  • You have been looking for a way to address “long tail” process automation requirements
  • You want to deliver more value to the business, while maintaining platform control and without adding more IT overhead
  • Your IT organization is overwhelmed with automation requests and you are looking for a way to push some of the effort upstream to the line of business
  • You are looking to operationalize the cost of automation against very specific operational value


  • Status update on the global process automation landscape (Successes, Issues, Future Opportunities)
  • Introduction to the Low Code market and why it’s considered a game changing technology
  • Low Code and its role in the future of Business Process Automation
  • Demonstration of the AGYS BlueFabric platform – a Low Code tool for rapid automation of process application


  • An understanding of opportunities for rapidly extending the value of BlueWorks Live
  • A basic understanding of the Low Code market, as well as how and where it can provide leverage in a broader corporate process governance program
  • An understanding of how and where a Low Code process platform can complement native process automation investment (where are High and Low Code best utilized)
  • An introductory look at the AGYS BlueFabric platform
  • A premium offer on any potential investment in BlueFabric by webinar attendees

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