What is BlueFabric?

BlueFabric is a low code, process development platform for automation of low to medium complexity business process applications. BlueFabric runs on IBM BPM in the Cloud.

What is the central benefit of using BlueFabric?

BlueFabric speeds and increases the volume of process automation efforts.

What does BlueFabric allow a customer to do?

  • You can easily transform your designs into executable business processes with no programming experience.
  • You can identify process bottlenecks and roadblocks in a single view.
  • You can isolate and track process instances easily and quickly.
  • You can roll out in stages or phases across the enterprise.
  • Process automation and with it, automated governance becomes affordable for the first time.
  • You can design in an individual or collaborative environment test process applications without paper forms, IT or analysts.

How do you price BlueFabric?

BlueFabric customers pay a small, monthly user charge and process instance packs that can easily be aligned with consumption levels and priorities of the organization.

Can I integrate BlueFabric applications with our other applications?

BlueFabric can be integrated with other systems. For more information read the threads about APIs.

On what devices can BlueFabric be used?

BlueFabric comes with an automated form factor generator for use on many devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

What type of support is provided for training?

Customers have access to multiple resources: tutorials, user manual, webinars and support from our specialists. Also you can purchase additional training to help you setup and design your application, if needed. For more details, please contact our Sales Team.

Is the BlueFabric Cloud secure?

BlueFabric runs on IBM BPM in the Cloud, providing the highest levels of cloud based security.

Who is BlueFabric addressed to?

BlueFabric is designed to reduce organizational costs and resource overhead associated with code based development. The product delivers strong value to both Line of Business Process owners across the enterprise and technical organizations serving those areas.

Why IBM Hybrid Cloud?

Using the IBM Cloud, you can easily apply data and technology to seize opportunities and solve complex problems. IBM powerful platform and full portfolio of leading-edge services position you to build data-driven, agile solutions that can set you apart from the competition.

How can I join the Community?

If you want to join the community and publish your ready-made application on BlueFabric Marketplace, first you must go to the Community page to read more and then sign up as a Community Contributor.

What environments and features are provided with a purchase of BlueFabric?

BlueFabric customers are provided with 3 environments: dev, test and production. All pricing packages include common features such as Business Process Designer & Execution, UI Designer, Business Object Definition, Document Designer, API Connect and Analytics & Control.

Can I place my application on the Marketplace?

You can publish your application for global commercial consumption on the Marketplace.  For more information please contact our Community page.

Can I import my BlueWorksLive Workflow into BlueFabric?

Yes, after you upload your flow from BlueWorksLive, you can easily import it into BlueFabric – Process Live Manager – with drag&drop actions.

What format is supported for process diagrams import?

To import a process diagram into the BlueFabric, you can either export one from IBM BlueWorksLive or have a diagram in a XPDL 2.1 format.

What type of data is supported?

You can define data structures using our Data Model module – specific to your needs and your User Interfaces. BlueFabric supports primitive data types (as Boolean, String, Integer, Date, Decimal, Attachment).

Can it support documents upload during the process execution?

Yes, during the process execution, the user can choose to add the “Upload Document” option which will add the document to the process instance.

Would it allow different layers of tasks inboxes? (performer, manager L1, manager L2)

Yes, based on the roles setup.

How flexible can the allocation of tasks be? (assignment to groups/ to users)

Extremely flexible; on particular user & department/group/roles of users and process variables.

Does it support automatic assignment of tasks? If yes, what allocation mechanisms does it support?

The Task can be assigned to a specified User, or Role, or Process Variables using defined rules.

How do I add conditional logic to a flow?

All the rules related to a process can be setup in Process Live Manager, on each stage.

What applications can I connect with BlueFabric?

We can call SOAP or REST webservices (only SWAGGER).