Powerful. Visual. Intuitive.

Fast and unlimited solutions, on a reliable platform,

so you can take control of your business’s success

Create your process and improve it on the fly

  • Produce a baseline model from the identified process
  • Use visual objects to create tasks, events and controls
  • Update and improve on the fly
  • Integrate UIs with tasks or stages
  • Create business rules and connect them to stages or events
  • Create approval matrixes for each application
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Visually play with building blocks

  • Drag & drop forms, objects, call-to-action buttons and much more
  • Connect elements, from UI with Data Model, Catalogs and external apps
  • Create organized data by choosing one of the container types available
  • Set up easy drop down lists
  • Create upload buttons and connect them to Data Model or APIs
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Organize your data sets, easily and efficiently

  • Drag and drop elements to create Data Classes, Attributes, Catalogs
  • Remove and modify elements simply and efficiently
  • Re-use data sets in other applications
  • Manage data easily
  • Visual representation for other system integrations
  • Logical and intuitive method of creating data model
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Design & generate documents for your applications

  • Design and organize the information as your company requires
  • Upload document templates and start from there
  • Change the template easily whenever you want
  • Add elements from Data Model
  • Use it to create templates that will further serve you
  • Preview the document to make sure it’s what you need
  • Organize information to offer consistency across the document
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Quick Go-Live

Build or rebuild your apps faster, with virtually zero investment. As the reality of your business changes, the architecture of the processes follows along

  • Expose, run, manage and secure APIs, fast and easy
  • Closely monitor processes, with real-time management tools, reassign tasks and see performance
  • Leverage an infrastructure, you can further build upon
  • Benefit from great flexibility, in presenting outputs and reuse all artefacts
  • Endless processes and process instances, based on a stable platform, at each stage. Don’t worry, the features are all there

Enterprise Grade Power

Endless processes and process instances, without limitations, using independent platforms at each prototyping stage. Don’t worry: the features are all there and then some.




Metrics for Real Results

Make sure your business is performing according to plan, by analyzing real-time operational data

Make sure your business strive by analyzing real time data about your processes. Spot the problems within your organization or business operations in a real time and visual fashion. Correct or optimize them until perfection.

  • Continuous process improvement constantly evolves your business performance
  • Dynamic reporting gives real-time visibility into business operations
  • Identify in real-time issues and bottlenecks and take action to improve your processes
  • Reanalyze metrics to see if the process has improved
  • BlueFabric uses IBM technology and expertise to your process design and performance