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Power and Simplicity Rolled into One

Agys has designed BlueFabric™ with three guiding principles, that when balanced, deliver unique customer value and separate it from all other low code market platforms.






BlueFabric™ provides fully configurable tools for making process outputs intelligent. Examples include the ability to build in advanced business logic through the use of configurable rules, design of processes with unlimited approval levels, the ability to set process timers, generate notifications on events, automatically drive intelligent escalations and even create prioritization of tasks. In addition, BlueFabric™ allows for the easy consumption of API’s for integration with other dependent company systems and the ability to do advanced scripting, if and when the company chooses to do so.

Visual and Intuitive


BlueFabric™’s capabilities as a platform, leverage over a decade of process application development knowledge, from our team of skilled BPM developers. Having said that, the user experience was derived to specifically serve the perspective of a non technical business user and with it, to promote comfortable and engaged consumption. Examples of this include pallet and widget based UI design, visual drag and drop process and data modeling, easily configurable rules management, dynamic PDF generation using familiar rich text editing and easy to build catalogues containing lists of business values, to name some. In that regard, one of the most common observations by customers and partners is that BlueFabric is not just powerful, but also a “beautiful” product.



BlueFabric™ was designed to make process application development, straightforward and quick. While using BlueFabric™, a non technical business user can build a process flow, assign roles and users, build their rules, generate UI’s, data model and launch into production in just a matter of hours. In summary, BlueFabric™ helps businesses drive operational improvements rapidly, substantially and in volume.

BlueFabric™ Value

Fast bottleneck spotting

Identify process bottlenecks and roadblocks, in a single view

Roll-out flexibility

Roll-out in stages, across the enterprise

No code, just consumption

Easily transform your designs, into executable business processes, with no need to code

Easy tracking

Isolate and track process instances, easily and quickly

Good value for money

Fast and unlimited solutions, on a reliable platform, so you can take control of your business’s success

Best in class plug-and-play apps

Fast solutions with no limitations on a reliable platform, so you can take control of your business's success.

Running on IBM Hybrid Cloud

Fast prototyping

Speed-up time to Go-Live

Mobile ready application

Reusable business object

Contextual information